Both a blessing and a curse: “last minute“ TVC


There is nothing we producers dislike more (but at the same time we are so used to it) as last minute projects and receiving information too late. Especially when you hear that your production service is the last one invited to the pitch and that due to tight timing and budget issues a good alternative to the agency’s dream of South Africa are the Canary Islands.

Now, finding a suitable location just as good as their first option or even a bit better, preparing a realistic but fair budget and to organize (remember the good old Tetris melody;-) the very few days till the foreign crews arrival date with all the essential steps of pre-production. Having everything prepared, with German efficiency, just like a job with 3 weeks of prep time.

I am not gonna lie to you, sometimes it sucks big time... (Having Europe’s best climate, biggest diversity of locations and all that only 4 hours away from most places, it took them a while) but at the same moment, while my eyes were still rolling, I realize that I really enjoy taking on these challenges. Maybe to show them that it finally was the best decision to count on the Canaries and us and not least because of hearing them say: “Next time we call you immediately”.