Thrill of speed with the R8


The sun is burning; the street is vibrating, a red point appears on the horizon, a buzz that is becoming louder. And after a few seconds it´s all over or better it drove by as fast as a lightning, while I´m on set making sure everything is fine.

Normally cars are for boys. But I liked this special car, the Audi R8 Abu Dhabi, too. Not because of its smell of hot tires or new leather seats but its shape, its luminous red colour and its cold and bright headlights. And of course its speed really impressed me.

To catch all the right angles, we had to rig a Volkswagen Touareg, so director and DoP could sit properly on the platforms and get all the images they need.

Cruising through the winding roads in the woods of "Las Lagunetas" or rushing the streets in the national park of the Teide with a speed up to 250 km/h I sometimes stopped breathing and prayed that the precision driver knew what he was doing there. Having many years of experiences, the precision driver of course was as cool as hell and drove the R8 confident and perfectly from scene to scene.

He also invited me to ride as a passenger and feel the real speed. But having too much respect of the velocity, I think that is something; I might do the next time.

Yours Katja