Scandinavian Double Take


Beach shots in early February? Where else in the northern hemisphere could you find the right weather to achieve this! No surprise really to have two Scandinavian requests for the same week.

Both projects featured a lot of cast. The search was on for about 30 Scandinavian looking bit players with good acting skills, of all age groups too; grand parents, teenagers, 20 something’s, 30´s, 40´s, little ones of 8 - 10  and even a baby or two.

Unworried, but having only 10 days we set out to discover the very best matches for both projects.

Searching our extensive casting database to find the right faces is like looking through a complete compendium of global nationalities.

In fact the Canary Islands is home to many first and second generation European´s so the database yielded a high number of possibles and, just to ensure all possible faces and personalities was truly complete we went out on additional street castings generating even more available options. Over 130 adults and 40 children.

Two video castings later and we had two very credible three generation families and friends, all of whom were or could easily pass as Scandinavian origin; tall, blond and pale complexions. Not forgetting, of course the Russian Oligarch who had to have a rather imposing presence…he was excellent, at 2.06m standing head and shoulders over everyone else and his partner was a natural in her role of spoilt nouveau riche girlfriend. It was great to learn the client and director were equally impressed with the casting.

A lot of cast and several different locations always means a lot of everything else; transport wardrobe, makeup, catering, so we were on the go all the time but everything fell into place as planned.

Cast as always arrived a good 10 minutes before their call time at 05.45 a.m., and stayed motivated and on the (beach)ball all day long, even until the evening scenes in the hotel.

The outcome was a superb selection of very convincing characters who thoroughly captured the spirit and image the parts they had been selected for, even the baby! And the best of all, satisfied clients.