In the Pink


It never was my favourite colour, far too girlie for me but a special pink, was going to change this aversion….L´Tur  Tour Operator Pink was going to soften my anti-pinkness!

We´ll confirm on Monday, fly over Tuesday and film on Thursday…relatively easy… Yes, bring it on…. but for a few things that just needed that bit of time…to dry….

Pink Poolside mosaics are hard enough to find (trust me I scoured the internet) yeah they can be ordered but we all know that would take longer than the three days available regardless of whether you are on a mid Atlantic island or not, pale prissy pinks, salmon pinks and dark reddish pinks were all there eagerly waiting to be purchased off the various DIY store´s shelves. Only problem, not the right pink, not anywhere near the right pink – just not pink enough, needs to be a special pantone Pink!  Solution – paint them, carefully, very carefully and of course as quickly as. 

Our Art department were full on, creating waterproof lightweight signs and in no time ingeniously devising and fixing on handles to be able to hold them comfortably.

The location agreed and organised, this is silly season, the hotels are brimming over with happy holidaymakers and we needed to close an entire pool and its surrounding sundeck!  So this was no easy task, however our good friends at Sheraton La Caleta were happy to oblige - the chosen background just delicious but the poolside was slightly curving, so our wonderful props people put their minds to how the desired straight poolside section in glorious pink tones could be supported in place, in and just above water level in this sumptuous and idyllic pool.

To finish off the tiled section was really going to be a day and night exercise, plenty of coffee to keep going long into the night. Now I can really appreciate the benefit of having a full rental service as we could set up 18kw lighting and a huge wind machine for the final overnight drying process, positioned over the mosaics to help dry the still slightly sticky paint.  It really needed to be at least dry to touch, you can imagine the calamity if not!!

At daybreak the first warm rays of sunshine filtered into the yard where the team worked on, busy putting the final touches to their freshly painted veritable work of art to finally seal the paintwork. Job done!

Pink bikini´s, pink lilo´s and pink-ended snorkels (still too much Pink for me) At least there´s a little blue as well with blue diving masks, shorts and flippers to complete the scene, and just to make sure our principal boy didn´t get all bleary eyed so to speak, the essential de-mister for the mask.

Now to be sure the crew and cast would be well looked after specially all those “poor” souls who spent practically the whole day, splashing about in the water       (note just a bit of envy there) Production had pre-empted this and arrived armed with mountains of fresh dry towels and dressing gowns and the hotel were so nice as to offer the sauna room in case. 
The crew worked seamlessly together, everything went so smoothly, under the great direction of the lovely Lutz Hattenhauer who even managed to cajole our Spanish featured extra to speak a German phrase and the adorable Axel from Rabbicorn.

And just to finish off the day, the sky joined us in our Pink Celebration with pretty rosy hues in the sunset. So perhaps after all it is good to be in the pink!