Cannes Lions 2014 - The Girls Camp


It's four weeks before this year's Lions. Apartment is sorted, flights are booked, especially mine, as I have to jet to my best friends wedding to Germany just 2 days before flying to Cannes.

And just to make our crazy life even crazier, we received the confirmation of a movie shoot. Last shooting day 12.06. - Cannes flight 17.06. Sounds makeable.
With the shoot going on, none of us had time to really get prepared, do some last minute shopping or even look forward to the trip.

But arriving finally on the Côte D'Azur, hearing the sound of French language, smelling croissants and baguettes we “Blackstones” just relaxed and got into the Cannes feeling faster than we thought. We spent our first day empting out the local supermarket, unpacking our bags and having wine and cheese on our amazing roof terrace.

Back to the keyword, "unpacking". This year we were travelling with Julia, Jürgen, Giuseppe, Marie-Clare, Michelle and me. Right, we were 6 persons in total, four of us girls. Our apartment turned into a "Blackstone Girls Camp". Imagine the amount of clothes and make-up flying around. But hey, this is Cannes and three different outfits per day is minimum.

The only 5 sqm, always tidied up, were a huge antique dining table for 12 people, which we moved (start of the week with a lot of strength) ;-) into the hall, converting it into our little Cannes office. At least one organized place to calculate budgets, compile location references and some conference calls.

For Michelle and Marie Clare all this drama was new and they must have felt like aliens the first days. Well that´s it, their virginity has been taken from them in a flurry of meetings, lunches, business dinners and parties, so easily they hardly even noticed…. 

We had as much fun as always, met a lot of old friends and made some new ones, had far too many litres of rosé, which by the way, only ever tastes good in Cannes, attended some fabulous events and even co-sponsored the Shots party and had loads of fun with our very own Blackstone photo booth.


I cannot even say which party was my favourite one, as they were all so different and amusing. 
But as every grandma says, you are always happy twice, once you arrive and once you travel back home. ;)

Now back to reality leaving the jet set life and the girls camp behind, we are all definitely looking forward to 2015 because we all know after Cannes Lions is before Cannes Lions...

Because we Cannes, again and again! ;)

Yours Katja