Simply Sweet


Lately over here, time was just rushing by and between a very peculiar photoshoot and an even more amazing TVC, additionally we had the pleasure to co-work on a project with our colleague Dominic from the mainland. His company Widescope has been around for more than 25 years due to their endless dedication and passion for their jobs.

Product:                       "Müllerlight Dessert Mischievous Milk Chocolate Dessert"                      Low fat milk chocolate dessert with sugar & sweeteners.

Product suitable for:    Lovely UK Production house Barefilms and Supercool DIR Peter Salmi

Shoot Ingredients:       Breathtaking modern and elegant villa right above a cliff.                        Art department turning it into sophisticated boutique hotel. Beautiful blonde female model, amazing looking (and "down-to-earth") male model Jay Conroy (Thanks again for being so nice, professional and just as sweet as the desert). Bunch of cheerful local glamour extras. Everybody in a great mood on set. The usual technical toys, and a bit of sun;-)

Nutrition Information:   One of the best experiences ever. My definitely new best friend, the home economist, was preparing the incredible tasting mousse throughout the whole day. And as it said only 99 calories, I did not feel the need to stop nibbling, of course apart from the catering on location anyway.

Storage/Shoot conditions: Keep cool. Due to the locations ubication (a narrow, dead end street) lots of curious neighbours. Especially elderly woman leaning over their balconies or spending more than the usual time in their gardens, trying to get a good glimpse of the filming and... of course the male model.