Living Legend


I am dying to share my experiences of this special photo shooting with you, as it was one of the moust famous photographers and a legend in my book ;)  Peter Lindberg, and also a very known brand.

I was quite exited when it turned out, that we would be working on this project, because I do like the brand and have items of it myself. ;)

When it comes to getting out on the road, I just love jumping in the car and out of the office for a few days, ready for a new project.  Did I say on the road? Actually I meant “in the fields”, because this where we went. “El Manchón” it is called. A very green, “fieldish” area in the north of Tenerife.Alarm clock went at 4am, and off we went.  As you all know, Tenerife is a small Paradise, and we have lovely weather all year round, It rains just a few times during the year. I mean, as Tenerife is called the island of the everlasting spring, everybody exptected to fulfill the expectations, regarding nice and sunny weather.

But this would have been far too easy for this photo shooting, and maybe it was because I did mention it during dinner the night before…

But guess what happened! Correct, it started to rain and the whole field got all muddy and we had to continue setting everything up. But never mind, we know our island, and always go prepared to the locations. So we put our wellington boots on, and had fun in the mud.

Maybe our positive attitude made change Tenerife´s mind, regarding the weather and luckily,around 8 am,  the sun came out, the team started to arrive and everyone was ready for a great day ahead.

We had the coolest photographer ever.  It must be because of his years of experience, and his great attitude, he just gave everyone such great vibes, you could just see in everyones faces how relaxed it was all going.  

If I say I wasn’t worried at the beginning, beeing in the middle of a mud field, knowing the models are due to arrive, I would definitely ly! I was already imagining them, in the mud, all getting dirty and muddy and with rain in their faces, which was absolutely not the plan for this shooting!

But all my worries were blown away,  as everybody was so professional and workind hand in hand! Everything just turned out really well, and everyone went home more than happy!

At the end, this is what counts!

Nevertheless, the hard part of the day was still to come! Just imagine all the trucks, vans, clothes and boots full of mud. How many hours of cleaning? I can’t remember, and I don’t care, I just stick to all the positive impressions of this photo shooting, and I would do it all over again!