Louis Vuitton joined Blackstone on a sandy road trip back in time


Chocolate brown bags, the dream of every shopping queen, luxurious stores in Paris, Singapore and New Yorks famous Fifth Avenue. That´s all I knew about one of todays most popular fashion houses, L.V.

After sharing an interesting week together with them and L.A. based photographer Lachlan Bailey on our islands, I have to admit I learned a lot about, not only their range of products, but also their history and the person behind it.

Little did I know that Louis Vuitton already started back in 1854 and that he mainly developed well-designed luggage for travellers back in those days. Suddenly! Instead of Paris Hilton coming to my thoughts with her Chihuahua stuck in that bag, it changed to seeing 6 fully grown strong sparks and grips carrying a an over 150 year old and 400 pound heavy trunk. Oh yes, through the biggest sand dunes in the Canaries. (I already get stressed just with a few suitcases on our trips but imagine it back then, crossing dunes for weeks.)

Well anyway, with our 5 trucks, 2 mobile homes and 4 mini buses our little caravan passed each and every sandy, rocky or dusty location in the islands in order to get the best spots and shots, replacing camels - the most common way of travelling through the desert back then.

These big classic handcrafted trunks accompanied by well-known models and decorated with timeless props certainly caught the attention of everybody who crossed our path. Thanks again to everyone who made this unforgettable road trip a success; it really changed my whole idea about a brand called Louis Vuitton.