Gofio, Papas arrugadas, Mojos & Co


It is no secret that the islands offer a vast amount of tasty restaurants with all kinds of international cuisine due to the “potpurri“ of different nationalities who have decided to settle here. But traditional Canarian cooking is still vaguely known to most of our clients. Because of this we have decided to give you a few insider tips on the real native island cuisine based on fresh local products. Something completely different to what you would usually find in the typical tourist areas.

Mixed vegetable stews and fish casseroles with traditional toasted Canarian flour “Gofio“ and chickpea dishes are two of the most traditional plates. ?The most served fish in the area is an island species called "la vieja", which has a fine white meat like sama or cherne. Sardines and chicharros are amongst others very popular fresh fish. Together with "Papas Arrugadas" and “Mojos“, green or red garlic sauces, believe us it’s the perfect combination. Small and buttery potatoes that the island produces have an extraordinary flavour and even by themselves are a delicious dish. ?If you are more the “I could eat half a cow“ kind of guy, don’t worry there is more than enough on the island for you. King of meats is undoubtedly the “Chuletón“, often a huge two-pound T-bone steak grilled crusty on the outside and raw on the inside. Another speciality is pickled pork, locally called "Carne Fiesta" and also rabbit in sauce "conejo al salmorejo", served mainly in the countryside. ??A great way of tasting traditional dishes is to follow the islands customs and visit what is known as "Guachinches". These are typical family run establishments and only open during wine season or at weekends in small villages. They will proudly offer house wine, often produced by a member of the family, and sold in large sixteen litre 'garafones' from which they will draw your glass.

And of course don’t forget the good old 'Tapas' bars; this can be anything from a small local bar with half a dozen different snacks such as Russian salad, meatballs, octopus, sardines, stewed meat and potatoes or huge local potato omelettes right through to a beautifully decorated restaurant specialised in cooking small amounts of freshly prepared food usually in interesting combinations.

Hopefully now you are not too hungry and we look forward to taking you to one of these tiny secret places any time soon.