BFC Cast - 7 Islands, 160 Nations, 5.000 Faces

More than 2 million people from 160 different nations live in the Canary Islands. Maybe it is because of the sun, maybe it´s because of the climate - but a lot of these people love and live for the show. And we love every single one of them, because they are unique. In our casting database we have about 5,000 actors, dancers, models, background actors, interesting personalities and special talents of every age.

We constantly hold casting events, up-dating and expanding our database, generating a host of extras and bit players each time.

Individually and project-related we perform street castings, realize video castings and arrange special auditions, therefore we are able to comply with every request for movie or TV projects and commercials. No matter if you look for north-, central- or east European, Asian, South American or African characters:

We have the matching face for every role. With heart and soul.