Rolling "Heels"


And here we go again, ready for another shoot, hidden in the middle of nowhere, one of the most beautiful places where you can chill and take a breath of fresh air.

We started so early in the morning, it was still dark and cold. Fortunately, apart from our working lights the electricians were there to make our path easier and brought us the light we needed to prepare the set in the rolling hills, with enough time to get it ready before the photographer, models and all the rest of the crew arrived at the basecamp.

“Bienvenidos a Teno”, said a surprised shepherd that passed close to our set, walking at the rhythm of the goat bells.

Some people say that Teno Alto is similar to some parts of Scotland or New Zealand, but for me it is unique. The road to get there passes through a ¨rainforest¨, which reminds me of a fairy tale. At the end of the road you can see a few houses spread over the valley. Passing the village, there is nothing more than a green grass carpet, which covers the ground, stained with hundreds of coloured flowers and a few palm trees that grow up to the sky, as if they were watchmen looking after the valley.

All the visiting crew where impressed by the landscape, and after the camera team finished preparing all the material  the photographer, inspired by all the possibilities that this place offered him,  started to take photos of the model. All of us were happy, climbing through the green ground like the goats we saw, to find and take the perfect shot.

Everything went well; the electricians, always close to the photographer, spent the time moving there equipment, while the camera assistants where totally focused on their work. Between each photo, the hair stylist and the make up artist were always checking the model. The production crew, as always, concerned about the rest of the team, were making sure that we had all the things needed to make everybody feel comfortable.

Slowly, the sun set over a deep coloured orange ocean while the last photos where shot; it’s a wrap!

We picked up all the material and packed it into the trucks, leaving the location as if nobody had ever passed by their before. We left to BFC warehouse, and wraped another successful job with a glass of champagne.