The Sun, The Sea, The Beach


My name is Oren Peters, I m 22 years old, and I am an intern at BlackstoneFilmCompany.

I just finished my studies in production and I am very happy to form a part of the team.

On my first day at work I was quite nervous and excited .I must admit that all the equipment, trucks and the general ambience of the company truly impressed me.

I had been to the office at the warehouse briefly when I had the interview with Julia, one of the producers at Blackstone.

For the first couple of weeks I learned a lot about how things work in the world of production.

My first shoot was a TVC for Nivea suntan lotion.

Apparently it was a “small” shoot, so I was able to take my time and learn something new from each department.

After the client chose the perfect beach locations on Tenerife, we started with the pre-production which involved obtaining parking permits from the town halls as well as permission to film at the beaches. In addition we had to look for hotels for our clients, rent-a cars and prepare our trucks for all the material.

The casting was an all day event. We had to choose an adult male, adult female and five children for the commercial. They had to look like a young family.

 I had to welcome and ensure that the candidates filled out their application forms correctly , offered them drinks and kept all the children happy.

When the day of the shoot finally arrived we set out early and departured from Blackstone warehouse. The location was close to the office, so we didn´t have to drive to far.


The first thing we had to do was unload the trucks and set up tents as dressing rooms for the models and for storing equipment.

Once we began shooting my duties varied between looking after the material, blocking the beach, to assure that the people who passed by did not look into the cameras and take care of any issues that appeared.

After a long day in the sun, it was time to wrap, I truly enjoyed being a part of it and I was satisfied with the work I did.

This experience was just a first step for me and I am aware that there is so much to learn. I see myself in this line of work in the near and distant future. As I am not a fan of routines as I can say that what I like best is that each day is different so you can be assured of being challenged every day.