Our Philosophy

A production abroad is always associated with a certain amount of tension for clients. Weather? Crew? Is the required technology and equipment to hand? Does the communication work? What can I expect? And finally, “Am I going to get the image I want?”

We are conscious about your concerns.

We see ourselves not only as your production partner, but also as your host who enjoy taking care of both the projects small and large challenges plus the individual needs of our client and client´s clients.

For us, “film making” doesn’t mean fast industrial processing but pure passion, individual planning and professional implication linked with fun on the set. This goes for production companies, photographers and clients from all around the world.

Explore our website and find that the Canaries are a versatile and professional film and photo-location far away from tourism and always with an international team by your side.

Filming with friends. Welcome to the Canary Islands.